Bridal Satin Blush

Glamorous and chic, Bridal Satin fabric looks great and is easy to sew. Great for weddings and events, Bridal Satin fabric brightly stands out as apparel. Some wonderful Bridal Satin fabric apparel ideas include, blouses, pants, gowns, dresses, and so much more. Additionally, Bridal Satin fabric can be used to make some wonderful decorations, such as table linens, draperies, and embroidered fabrics


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Bridal Satin fabric is a smooth satin fabric that is glossy and sturdy. Woven with 100% polyester fibers in a satin style weave, Bridal Satin fabric has an extremely lustrous front side, and a textured matte backside. A medium weight fabric, Bridal Satin fabric holds its shape very well and has a sturdier drape than other satins. Bridal Satin is also available in a variety of vibrant and vivid colors

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